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EXCAVO protocol is the Automated Market Maker (AMM) Based on a constant product formula for inventory management specially built for professional traders.
CAVO is a governance token in EXCAVO Protocol. CAVO key features are:

🛸Innovative Emission Model

Max supply of CAVO tokens equals 1 000 000 CAVO
Tokens are issued within 36 months in the following procedure:
First month — x tokens, 2d-2x, 3d-3x, … 36–36x.
During the first month since the start of smart contract, we will issue 1501,1 tokens in Ethereum on average approximately 195 000 blocks are mined per month. Therefore, emission will be 0,0077 CAVO per block.

Innovative Emission Model

🛡Token Price Protection Model⚔️

CAVO tokens are minted only if in each block X +6500 (where X is smart contract block number) Price (current) > P (protected)
P (current) = current price CAVO token in CAVO/ETH pool
P (protected) = Number (current block) — (number of smart contact block)/6500 * 0.003

Token Price Protection Model

🧮 Decreasing Exchange Commission Model

Base commission =0,4%
Your commission = k*(base commission) if you hold
1–5 tokens k=0.9
5–10 tokens k=0.8
10–20 tokens k=0,7
20–50 tokens k =0,6
50–100 tokens k=0,5
>100 tokens k=0,4

Decreasing Exchange Commission Model

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