EXCAVO FINANCE is proud to announce an IDO with GT-Protocol for an upcoming IDO. We will announce the launch date in the near future

2 min readDec 29, 2021

GT-Protocol — is a multichain protocol for DeFi investment pools management & decentralized copy trading on DEX platforms.
Team works together for more than 8+ years, launched MVP and became Binance partner, demonstrating a positive track record and performance of their work. They also have VCs, Angel investors and KOLs with good connection networks on board which easily can lead project to success!

Detailed information about the project:
Project name:


Key points about the project:
— The project is an official partner of Binance already
— MVP has been launched and achieved 25K+ reg. users already
— Users already earn 285%-2714% APY
— MVP is a CEX copy trading platform named Jet-Bot which is part of GTP ecosystem together with DeFi pools management & DEX copy trading protocol
— GTP token is a key element of GTP ecosystem and it’s utilities will be supported in both CeFi and DeFi GTP products. Token utilities will be available same moment after TGE.

Project & technology description:
1) Technology allows any entity/person to create a DeFi smart-contract pool for collecting funds and cooperation with investors on profit-sharing base model.
2) Investors get an access to on-chain P&L pools rating and the option to join any pool via MetaMask.
3) Investors funds are securely protected by the smart-contract which is transparently managed by a pool owner on DeFi markets without funds withdrawal possibility.

— professional traders (copy trading pools)
— professional investors (portfolio management & yield farming pools)
— VCs (funds management pools)
— GameFi guilds (scholarship pools)
— KOLs (IDO, preSale pools)
— any entity/person which performs profitable activity on DeFi markets

— Binance
— Magnus Capital, DarkPool Ventures, GotBit
— Poolz
— NFTb
— ChainLink
— PancakeSwap, UNISWAP, SushiSwap

Network : BSC Listing: PancakeSwap

IDO Links
Protocol website | MVP website | Community Round Whitelist | $10 AirDrop

Social links: Telegram Channel | Telegram Chat | Twitter | Medium | YouTube




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