🔒How to install MetaMask for Chrome?

3 min readDec 14, 2020

🛫 Step 1. Go to the Excavo.finance website. Click “Connect to a wallet” in the top right corner and select “Install MetaMask”, this will transfer you to the MetaMask website.

✌🏻Step 2. Click “Download now” to access the download section. There you may select “Install MetaMask for Chrome”. You will be transferred to the MetaMask’s extension in Chrome Web Store.

🙌🏻Step 3. Add it by selecting “Add to Chrome” and confirm this in the pop-up window. An extension will be installed and you will be able to create a new wallet.

✊🏻Step 4. Click “Get started” and proceed with “Create a wallet”. You may choose to allow the gathering of your user data to support the developers.

🖐🏻Step 5. You will now be able to create a new password. Make sure it is a secure one and confirm your choice by entering it a second time. Read and accept the Terms of Use and proceed to the next screen.

👏🏻Step 6. The next step will allow you to back your account up. Click on the hidden window to view the 12 “seed words”. It is very important to save them somewhere secure in case you need to restore your account back.

💡Step 7. You will be asked to confirm the correct order of your backup phrase. Select the seed words in the correct order and click “Confirm”.

👍Step 8. Congratulations, you now have a MetaMask account that you can use to buy, send and swap tokens!

🏆 Step 9. You may also create a second account by going to your account icon in the top right corner and selecting “Create Account”. Name it as you see fit and click “Create”. Feel free to play around with the options to explore the Excavo project and Ethereum mainnet network!

Video instruction 👉🏻 https://youtu.be/iKwxUm4d7Ho


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